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Interior Glass

Glass has become such an integral part of home design. At North Vancouver Glass we're continually looking for new and interesting ways to create an open urban look.

Benefits of Interior Glass

  • Enhanced light flow: Glass allows natural light to flood throughout a space, creating a brighter, more welcoming environment.

  • Illusion of spaciousness: Glass dividers and partitions create openness and an airy feel, especially in smaller rooms.

  • Privacy and light: Frosted, textured, or patterned glass offers varying levels of privacy without completely blocking light transmission.

  • Versatility: Interior glass works well in both residential and commercial settings, adapting to modern, traditional, or industrial design styles.

  • Easy maintenance: Glass is a low-maintenance surface that's easy to clean and sanitize.

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Design Tips

  • Type of glass: Choose clear glass for maximum light or textured/frosted glass for a touch of privacy. Consider tempered glass for high-traffic areas.

  • Framing: Frameless designs offer a minimalist look, while metal or wood frames add visual warmth.

  • Hardware: Select hardware that complements your overall aesthetic.

  • Think creatively: Glass can be incorporated in unexpected ways—backsplashes, furniture pieces, and even flooring.


" North Van Glass installed backsplashes painted the same colour as the walls. Great design solution. Brian is a perfectionist and he takes enormous pride in his work. Their motto is Exceeding Expectations. He definitely exceeded mine. Excellent product and service at a competitive price. Definitely recommend. "

Rob Harrington

" Thanks Bryan, We couldn’t have finished the job without you coming to our rescue. The shower door fits perfectly and the deck glass looks amazing. You went to great lengths to make the job perfect, and succeeded. Thanks again, Rob and Wendy "

Kevin Budd

" North Vancouver Glass came and measured the glass for a shower door with a slightly irregular size and had the door made to fit with installation in an efficient manner. They did a good job. "

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1543 Welch St, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1B5, Canada

+1 604 980 8555

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